Currently we offer 3 strategies. Investors can choose any strategies based on their risk appetite. We sell only Index options (Nifty / BankNifty weekly options) with hedge.

Details of Risk, DD, ROC explained below.

  1. Intraday – all day.

This system is completely intraday, closes the trade before 3.30 PM. Mostly in BankNifty options, without overnight positions. ROC can be calculated on daily basics.

Max Risk per day: 3% | Max DD: 8% (seen once in 2021 June) | Avg DD 3-5% | DD recovery time: max 2 weeks | Expected ROC: 4-10% per month | Annual: 70%+ ROC

          2.Positional All day

This system is positional system (overnight holdings with hedge). Trades mostly in Nifty Options, based on market direction. ROC must be calculated on weekly basics from Friday morning to Thursday closing.

Max Risk per day: 3% | Max DD : 8-10% (when big gap occurs in volatile month) | Avg DD : 2-5% | DD recovery time : max 2 weeks | Expected ROC : Avg 4-10% per month | Annual : 70%+ ROC 

        3.Expiry System:

This system trades only on weekly expiry days (Thursdays). This system is more consistent. In past 52 weeks so far we haven’t seen 2 consecutive loss weeks.

Our win rate is 90% (46 weeks we close in profit out of 52 weeks per annum).

Max Risk : 3% | Max DD : 3% (seen once in past 1 year) | Expected ROC : 4-6% per month very consistent. | Annual: 60% ROC

               P.S : Above all 3 systems in past 1 year (2021 Jan to Dec 2021) we haven’t closed any month            in loss. So, Probability of facing loosing month is very less. 

This is completely based on investors risk appetite, expectations & psychology.

If you are very conservative then choose Expiry model. (Very consistent)

If you love to take risk for better returns on your investment then choose Intraday / positional all-day system.

For investors with 10L+, I would advise to diversify among all the models for smooth equity curve and peace of mind.

Strictly we support only ZERODHA due to their robust infrastructure and stability for algos.

API subscription not required.

We charge based on monthly ROC we generate on investors account.

Charges are calculated in Net realized Profits (after Brokerage + Tax)

0-2%  : No Charge

2.1 – 6%  : 20% of monthly Profits

6.1 – 9%  : 25% of monthly profits

9.1%+      : 30% of monthly profits

Incase, if loss occurred in any month, that losses will be carried to next month. And charges will be calculated only after recovering the losses and upon the new equity curve made after DD recovery.

Charges has to be settled before 5th of every month.

No upfront / hidden charges.

Very minimum investment required is Rs. 10lakhs per model. Beyond 10Lakhs, investment can be increased in multiples of 5Lakhs. (i.e.  10L, 15L, 20L, 25L….)

Trading is very high risky business. Our trading models / strategies are well time tested and proven to be profitable. So strategy wise risk is 0%.

But we may face risk from Server side , issues with python codes, issues from Zerodha end, issues from NSE side.

From 2020, until now at the time of writing this article (2021 Dec) so far we haven’t faced any technical issues either from our side or zerodha side or NSE side.

Our algos are hosted on high end AWS servers.

And our algos are sophisticated and designed in most advanced logics. So, 99% glitches from python codes aren’t possible. Our team comprises of top-notch programmers’ expertise in designing algos for financial market.

We will be monitoring the algos performance live in market hours to ensure smooth operations and instant trouble shoot for all accounts.

But if IT infra / server fails we may face unexpected outcomes, which may / may not occur. 

Yes, we have portfolio level SL.

Yes, frequently we keep upgrading the strategy logics and operations based on new finding and learnings. Based on changing market dynamics and volatility we keep upgrading our strategies frequently.

Once you are subscribed, we will take complete operations of your trading account. You

don’t need to do any task.

All customers data are protected and safe.

No, we are unregistered.

Yes, pls feel free to contact Midhun at 90 250 69 893 to get latest 1 year ledger to develop conviction and trust on our models.

Track my live performance Twitter : @midhun_rahul1

No, investors aren’t supposed to execute their F&O trades in algo subscribed accounts. These accounts must be 100% dedicated to us.

Yes, investors can do trades in Cash / equity segment threw mob app. But not in F&O segment.

Contact Midhun 90 250 69 893

During live market hrs investors aren’t supposed to open Kite via web browser. This will interrupt our algos. But can be opened threw Mobile Kite app. Logging via Mob / Desktop browser opening is strictly prohibited.