We have 3 different models 

1. Positional model (overnight holdings)

2. Intraday model

3. Weekly expiry model.

Each model requires 10L min investment, with different account for different model. Traded only in weeklies Nifty and BankNifty Options

Account has to be in Zerodha, with NFO segment activated. We do not support any other broker.

Margin should be in multiple of 10 lac. You need not to makeup margin in case of drawdown. Code will daily check margin at 8.20 AM in your account and if margin is below requirement, trading will get skipped for that day

All orders will be MIS type in bank nifty and nifty options only using PYTHON codes, mostly in options selling only.

There must not be trade or any open position from your side in same account.

There must not be API subscription in same account. During live market, you must not open account in web browser, you can use mobile app.

Max expected drawdown 10%. , Maximum Risk / Day : 3%. 

Note : There are risk due to technical glitch by Zerodha / NSE / PythonCodes, which are not in our control and it may lead to unexpected outcome. Strategy wise max DD comes around 6%.

Expected return 5-7% per month.

Subscription Charges varies based on monthly ROI 

Monthly ROI  Vs  Our Charges(% on ROI)

1% to 2%  : No charges
2.1% to 6% : 20%
6.1% to 9% : 25%
       9.1%+     : 30%

Based on net realised profit (after brokerage+tax) per month. In case of any loss in month, loss will be carry-forwarded to subsequent months & charges will be applicable once DD gets recovered and accounts makes new equity curve. We charge only on new equity curve after DD. Fee to be calculated on calendar month basis.

Sorry, I dont offer any sort of educational paid trainings. Because, I strongly believe no amount of trainings will help a beginner to gain trading skill. Trading skill can only be developed threw deep observation by oneself and experience. This skill cannot be taught / transferred or learnt from others. Self learning is the only way to gain trading skill. So, I dont want to exploit your money and my time in the name of TRAININGS.  

We are committed to protect your data. However if you find unauthorized login to your account, or you wish to unsubscribe at any time, you can change your zerodha password.

To activate your subscription, contact Midhun Rahul via call / whatsapp(preferred) at 9025069893