About us

We are focused on developing  advanced AI-based Algo trading system for trading in Indian F& O markets. We are a team of curious engineers, mathematicians, data-driven people, and statisticians who like to solve any kind of challenging problems and good finding the inefficiency of markets.

We had built our own proprietary AI-powered algorithmic trading applications, which make trading decisions in your trading account. Our goal is to generate better returns on your investments from markets compared to mutual fund investments and long-term equity investments.

Invest with the best algo trading platform from anywhere, anytime and let the machines do the work. Use, proven Algorithmic Trading Strategy to places trades in your trading account. We use scientific and quantitative approach to generate alpha from different non corelated systems.

About Myself :

Midhun Rahul, Im a fulltime trader in Indian option markets. All my systems are based on scientific & Quantitative approach. Besides, im associated with top notch algo traders of Indian Trading community. Worked as software developer in HCL Technologies till 2016 where I served BFSI clients such as Vanguard, Fidelity Investments before stepping into stock markets fulltime.
Avid worshipper of Risk management.

Initially, we built the trading systems to trade our personal & family account. Due to leverage of technology, we are scaling out this service to public after realizing the demand of profitable trading system among small traders. Personally, I trade combination of both system based manual trades and algorithms based automated trades.